About Mr.Fish

About Mr.Fish

The leading brand of fish extract
The leading brand of fish extract and the first company to product fish soluble by eco-farming of milkfish.

Founded in November 2016, Mr. Fish’s headquarters is located in Taiwan. Mr. Fish is the leading brand of milkfish extract and is the first company to produce fish soluble by eco-farming of milkfish.

The 100% authentic and natural product is now sold on major e-commerce platforms in Taiwan as well as physical channels such as department stores,organic stores and maternity & infant stores.

In order to offer a safe beverage to consumers, we insist on the highest standard of quality control throughout the entire process from the source of fish to manufacturing.

What is milkfish extract?

Milkfish Extract is not only delicious
but also full of nutrition
Milkfish extract is made by boiling at high temperature,followed by gentle heat. The traditional recipe is fish soup cooked for 1 to 2 hours while the milkfish extract is a highly condensed healthy beverage cooked for 8 hours. The grease is filtered, and the extract can be easily absorbed by the human body. A small package beverage can supply all the nutrition our body needs.
  • Sterilization


    ● The preservation time is 18 months when stored at room temperature.
    ● Compared with the frozen version, the normal temperture version requires an additional step during the cooking process, requiring high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization to eliminate bacteria completely to preserve the nutrients and delicious flavor.
    ● Thermal penetration technology is employed using equipment from Japan and Food Industry Research and Development Institute certification has been obtained.
  • Freezing


    ● The preservation time is 12 months when stored in the freezer at -18 °C.
    ● It is free of preservatives and additives and is extracted using high-tech airtight and high-pressure circulation equipment to allow greater nutrient outflow without destroying the nutrient molecules, and is immediately stored after extraction to preserve the nutrients and delicious flavor.

Origin of Milkfish: Ecological Farming

The greatest feature of Mr. Fish milkfish extract is “ecological farming,” which is very different from general farming practices.

So-called ecological farming is about returning to the early, low-density natural farming methods.

Like human beings, fish become can build up resistance to antibiotics when taking too much medicine. Therefore, during the farming process, as long as an ideal eco-circulatory environment is created, the immunity of fish can be restored through metabolism. These are the differences between ecological farming and general farming.
  • We insist on eco-farming for 15 months.
  • Natural farming methods in a natural environment (by breeding different species of fish to create a balanced eco-system in the aqua ponds)
  • Low density, broad ecological environment (reduces fish damage)
  • Non-toxic standards throughout the process with no antibiotics, formaldehyde or growth hormones
  • Feed used: Natural feed, miscellaneous feed, soy flour or tea-seed cake.
Origin of Milkfish:  Ecological Farming
  • Protein


    A rich and complete protein source. The protein from fish can be digested more easily compared to protein from other livestock.
  • Amino Acid

    Amino Acid

    18 types of high quality hydrolyzed amino acids, among which, 8 are essential amino acids for the human body that must be supplemented by food. It is a suitable nutrition supplement for any age.
  • Collagen


    Milkfish is rich in collagen, which helps to supplement fetal growth during pregnancy and is also a nourishing and complexion-enhancing food
  • Minerals


    Milkfish is abundant in minerals, especially calcium, phosphrus, magnesium and iron. proper amounts of calcium and magnesium can promote bone and teeth development,and iron provides vitality for working people.
  • Vitamin


    Milkfish is abundant in minerals, especially calcium, phosphrus, magnesium and iron. proper amounts of calcium and magnesium can promote bone and teeth development

What nutrition does milkfish contain?

Nutrient content
  • 03
    Cholesterol-free, fat-free fat, low calorie
  • 15
  • 0
    with natural ingredients
魚鱻森 Mr. Fish

Suitable Groups

  • Elderly


    Nourishes and strengthens the body, eye care, boosts metabolism, regulates bodily functions.
  • Physical Care

    Physical Care

    Pre-and-post operation care, general population
    Helps wound healing, post operation care, nutritional supplements, beauty care
  • Child Care

    Child Care

    Children, teenagers, long-term exercise enthusiasts
    Promotes appetite, increases physical strength, stimulates calcium absorption and bone growth
  • Pregnant


    Pregnant women, postpartum care, abnormal menstruation
    Fetal nutritional supplement, postpartum nutrition, breastfeeding supplement
  • Elderly
  • Physical Care
  • Child Care
  • Pregnant
Why to select Mr. fish

Why to select Mr. fish

We focus on the sales of milkfish extract with a “natural, healthy and delicious” brand image.
  • Complete CI identification system, giving consumers a consistent image.
  • The origin of food is our biggest feature with advantages of eco-farming and healthy nutrition.
  • Packaging: Unique commodity packaging with a quality and creative image.
  • Manufacturing process: Food safety certifications, including ISO22000, HACCP, and FSSC22000.
  • Safety Control: Strict production process and factory environment to ensure stringent inspections, avoiding illegal production process and raw materials, and providing customers the safest products and service.
  • Batch inspections: Strict inspection every shipment to prevent product safety issues.

  • 飲用方式(英文)

  • Multiple SGS Inspections
    SGS inspections: antibiotics, plasticizers, heavy metal residues, hormones, preservatives, etc.
    The processing and manufacturing plants have HACCP, ISO22000 and FSSC22000 food safety certification
        Taiwan Anti Additive Association
    • 2017 Obtained 2 Stars, A.A. Taste Awards from the Asia Pacific Anti-Additive Association
    • 2018-2019 Obtained 3 Stars, A.A. Taste Awards from the Asia Pacific Anti-Additive Association
    It uses the most natural ingredients without additives during the cooking process, allowing your taste buds to enjoy the nutrients and delicious flavor.
    It has won recognition from the International Anti-Additive Association after undergoing long-term evaluations in every detailed report and factory visits, from the source of ingredients, procurement and production processes to the hands of consumers!
    The assessment is based on the world-class food industry indicator of the “Michelin Guide.”

Mr. fish is actively looking for partners with common interests to open up overseas markets.

Our sales channel in Hong Kong and Macau was opened in October 2017.
With a unique feature and product that meets the needs of modern society, we have quickly gained market share in Hong Kong and Macau with our “quality, delicious and healthy” brand image. Our products are now sold through various channels, including online shopping, department stores, organic stores, medical centers, and maternity & infant stores.
Our professional sales team promotes at various trade exhibitions in Hong Kong and Macau every month.

In Hong Kong, the annual BB show of the Eugene Group is the highlight every year.
In Macau, we attend exhibitions from time to time and our sales channel is expanding.
With your participation, we will be able to promote quality products to the world together, create sales revenue and share great success.

Distribution Model

  • Assist in establishing promotion projects with market, sales, price and brand evaluation
  • Headquarters will provide complete education to assist in brand promotion
  • Regular teamwork support for sales promotion
  • Complete brand development. Distributors only need to handle sales issues in their local market.
  • Headquarters provides diverse channel support for distributors to evaluate promotions in their local market.
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Mr. fish company limited
TEL. (+886)4-22623883 , (+886)9-68-263883
No.259-18, Sec. 1, Daqing St., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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